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Naish KB Bindung APEX

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Regulärer Preis: 229,00 €

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Naish Apex Bindung 2020

Designed for superior comfort, the Apex is the market�s leading ergonomic binding for all styles of twin tip riding in a stealthy new
colorway. It features a full array of adjustment settings to easily adapt to feet of any size and shape. The Apex offers precise positioning,
fit and remarkable comfort while maintaining outstanding board feel. The four-way adjustable footstrap can also be conformed to both
large and small feet, keeping kiters locked-in and confident when riding.

1. X-factor Ergo Strap = Exclusive, fully molded foot strap with four adjustment points (All four corners of the strap have precision
adjustability to adapt to any foot)
2. Sidewall Footbed Cushioning = Integrated EVA cushions protect the foot from hard surfaces
3. Adjustable Heel Pad Durometry = Adjustable heel pad hardness to satisfy any rider preference
4. Lightweight Triple Density Molded Footbed = Soft main footbed for full shock absorption, highly textured top layer for maximum
grip & an adjustable heel pad for comfort
5. Micro Stance/Angle Adjustment = Allows for precise stance angle positioning
6. Adjustable Side Wing Positions = Provides lateral foot support while keeping a comfortable feel. The side wings adjust forward or
back to ensure perfect strap positioning and fit
7. Open Frame Geometry = Injection-molded plate encircles the pad to reduce weight & provide a direct pad-to-board interface for
outstanding board feel
8. Strap Width Adjustment = Fits wide range of foot sizes
9. Deep Heel Cup = Solid, locked in feel