North NKB Pro Foil

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949,00 €
949,00 €

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Produktdetails für North NKB Pro Foil

Das neue NKB Pro Foil ist ein modernes, leichtes Foil Kiteboard, das für Einsteiger bis zum Experten geeignet ist!!

Performance Features
Maximum comfort and control
Supreme leverage due to feet sitting deep into the deck of the board
Large bevel rails to reduce catching while going upwind
Shaped to reduce drag when you touch down from flight

Tech Features
Adjustable double track mounting system to accommodate a wide range of foils using the 4-bolt mounting system
Double concave deck shape
Three strap setup

4’11’’x18 1/2’’x2 3/4’’ | 4.4 kg | 29.6 liter

Pro Foil Board
3 Footstraps w/Screws